Pressure grows on PM and Biden at G7

Last week President Biden said in case there were any US residents left in Afghanistan toward the month’s end: “We’re going to stay until we get them all out.”

What difference does this make? Without the US, which as of now gets and works the worldwide air terminal in Kabul, clearings from the air terminal can’t plausibly proceed – and there is still a huge number of British residents and Afghans qualified for resettlement in the UK to get out.

After a call between the president and Boris Johnson last evening, No10 talked about the need to concoct an arrangement to help Afghans “counting after the underlying period of the clearing has finished” – recommending they are as yet planning for that cutoff time in seven days’ an ideal opportunity to go on.

The pressing factor currently expands on the leader this evening to utilize the UK’s G7 administration to concoct a unified global arrangement for what occurs after that.

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