Qingqi rickshaw Incident At Indpendence Day!

The video, which arose Friday via online media, shows that two young ladies alongside a minor kid were perched on the secondary lounge of a Qingqi cart that was stuck in a tight spot as individuals were observing Independence Day.

A man abruptly hopped on the cart and coercively kissed one of the young ladies, leaving her in shock and inciting the other to slap the harasser. It was demoralizing to see individuals around the cart, the greater part of them on bikes, partaken in the scene as well as continued to heave censorious comments at the young ladies.

In spite of many individuals encompassing the cart, not so much as a solitary individual attempted to stop the attacker or even say anything against the awful demonstration.

One of the young ladies could likewise be seen getting her shoe to shield herself as another man moved toward the cart, evidently attempting to repeat the despicable demonstration.

Conversing with a private TV channel, Punjab Minister for Prisons Fayyazul Hassan Chohan, while considering the occurrence, said that the offender will be captured at the most punctual and will be given a praiseworthy discipline.

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