Ayesha Akram Exposed!

TikToker Ayesha Akram in the Minar-e-Pakistan occurrence that occurred on Independence Day fourteenth August 2021, gave the phoney street number to the police in First Information Report a few (FIR) and presently mentioned IG Punjab Police to pull out the case while the Investigative Journalists and Social Activists lash her for such dishonourable demonstration at the authentic site.

As per an Investigation by a few media houses and web-based media clients, it was a modest exposure stunt by Ayesha Akram and her Rambo beau. A few recordings flowing via web-based media showing that she might have gotten away from the scene yet rather it was totally arranged and she welcomed her fans and adherents to take selfies with her.

According to ARY News, Tiktoker Ayesha Akram mentioned IG Punjab to close further examination in the interim on Twitter individuals are accusing Iqrar ul Hassan who has as of late moved back to Lahore and joined the Daily Pakistan group. Iqrar ul Hasan and Yasir Shami were among quick to talk with her home after the Minar e Pakistan Incident, nonetheless, the location referenced in the FIR is unique.

TikToker Ayesha Akram mentioned Inspector General Police, Punjab to pull out the case, Minar-e-Pakistan occurrence that occurred on Independence Day which seems, by all accounts, to be preplanned by Ayesha Akram and her accomplice Rambo.

Ayesha Akram earlier said “I did not wear any obscene clothing, nor I tried to be vulgar over there.” said the girl while speaking about the disturbing incident at Lahore’s Greater Iqbal Park”.

According to The Pakistan Frontier “The controversial incident at Minar E Pakistan that sparked outrage and mass discussion against sexual violence and harassment took a new turn According to sources, the meet-up event was planned by the victim Ayesha Akram along with her team of Tiktokers. One of her team members, known as Rambo is a member of a TV show called Sar-A-Aam aired on the ARY News Channel”.

Another statement by a security guard at Greater Iqbal Park revealed that Ayesha Akram came to meet and greet her fans along with her team on the eve of independence.

As per the security guard of the Greater Iqbal Park, Ayesha had the opportunity to escape the scene, but she stood there and waited for more people to gather around her

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