SIRAJUDDIN HAQQANI: Deputy, Haqqani network boss

Haqqani – accepted to be in his mid-40s – is the head of the jihadist bunch that bears his family name.

The Haqqani network was established by Sirajuddin’s dad Jalaluddin during the 1980s and traces all the way back to the conflict against the USSR. They gave their loyalty to the Taliban in 1995 and turned out to be progressively coordinated into the Taliban’s conflict against the US and its partners from 2001 – during which they continued the awry guerrilla system they embraced against the Soviets, supposedly from a base in North Waziristan across the Pakistani boundary.

The Haqqani network additionally deals with the Taliban’s tactical resources in their bases along the line with Pakistan.

Sirajuddin turned into the top of the Haqqani network after Jalaluddin’s demise in 2018. He is on the FBI’s rundown of most-needed suspects, which portrays him as “outfitted and risky”.

The jihadist bunch has been faulted for a variety of fear monger assaults in Afghanistan – including the dangerous 2008 Serena Hotel assault in Kabul, for which Sirajuddin Haqqani conceded liability.

He composed an assessment piece for the New York Times in February 2020, soon before the consenting to of the Doha Arrangement, attempting to introduce a milder side to the Taliban. Haqqani began by saying that he was “persuaded that the killing and damaging should stop”. Pundits derided the article, contending that it was deceitful.

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