MOHAMMAD YAQOOB: Deputy, military leader

Yaqoob is Mohammad Omar’s child and the top of the Taliban’s tactical exercises.

As his dad stays a supernatural figure for the Islamist bunch, Yaqoob was considered as a potential preeminent commandant after Mansour was killed in 2016. Yet, – presently accepted to be in his mid-30s – he was dismissed as excessively unpracticed.

A few examiners consider it to be an indication of the Taliban order’s high respect for Yaqoob that he was picked to step in as Akhundzada’s impermanent substitution when the preeminent authority contracted Covid-19 in May 2020, as per a senior Taliban figure addressing Foreign Policy.

Yet, different spectators consider that this exaggerates Yaqoob’s job – and that his residency as the Taliban’s acting preeminent pioneer was absolutely emblematic, persuaded by his being Mohammad Omar’s child.

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