Minare Pakistan Incident!

Lahore Police has recorded a FIR against many unidentified men for physically attacking a lady who was shooting a TikTok video at Minar-e-Pakistan on the country’s Independence Day.

As indicated by the FIR, as announced in Dawn, the lady said that a safety officer at the Greater Iqbal Park let her into the Minar-e-Pakistan nook as a method for get out however the horde overwhelmed the passages and started physically attacking her, detaching her garments.

The men shot their demonstrations. Pakistanis via web-based media emitted in indignation regarding the unmitigated maltreatment. One client said he can’t reassure his sister; others hit out at the misanthropic, male centric mentalities and the individuals who regularly utilize the #NotAllMen hashtag.

Lahore Police had on Tuesday recorded an FIR against many unidentified men for physically attacking and taking from the one who was shooting a TikTok video at the city’s Greater Iqbal Park and Minar-e-Pakistan on the country’s Independence Day, Dawn revealed.

While the episode occurred on 14 August, a video of the lady being encircled, assaulted and grabbed by many men started circling via web-based media Tuesday under the hashtag #MinarePakistan, as Pakistanis communicated their shock and outrage, joined by certain Indians.

While Major Surendra Poonia said that the male-ruled horde of “vultures” in the video is “no not exactly the Taliban”, a Pakistani feature writer Husn.E.Qudrat stated, “Yes All men”.

Although Lahore Police is purportedly following the many men associated with the grabbing and attack, they have additionally confronted analysis for neglecting to react in an opportune way, in an issue of violations against ladies.

The shock and public pressing factor prompted different Pakistani government officials at long last standing up on the occurrence Wednesday.

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