Images of women defaced in Afghanistan!

Pictures of ladies have been concealed or vandalized on retail facades around Kabul, as indications of a public quiet across Afghanistan veil the dread and fear inside Afghan homes, especially for ladies.

Shops in Kabul started covering up appearances of ladies on commercials throughout the end of the week as the Taliban surrounded the capital.

The AFP highlighted a photograph, taken Wednesday, of a Taliban warrior watching a Kabul road with dividers ruined with dark splash paint to disguise the looks of female models.

The Taliban have freely expressed that ladies can work and concentrate as indicated by “Islamic law”. Without clearness, the circumstance on the ground is full of irregularities, starting a mind-boggling feeling of frailty – especially for Afghan ladies.

While Afghanistan’s driving private news station Tolo TV highlighted a female anchor recently, on the state Radio Television Afghanistan (RTA), a noticeable female anchor was supplanted by a Taliban official perusing official proclamations.

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