US has airlifted 7,000 people from Afghanistan since Saturday

The United States has transported out of Afghanistan about 7,000 individuals escaping the Taliban takeover of the country, a top general said Thursday.

Since the US held onto the Kabul air terminal and began departures on August 14, “we have airlifted approximately 7,000 total evacuees”, Major General Hank Taylor told a Pentagon briefing.

He said an aggregate of almost 12,000 individuals have been moved out of Afghanistan since the finish of July when the US started accelerating takeoffs as the Taliban moved through the country in front of a US military withdrawal.

“This increase is reflective of both a ramp-up of aircraft and airlift capability, faster processing of evacuees and greater information and fidelity in reporting,” Taylor said.

He said that the 5,200 US troops shipped off the air terminal had gotten various entryways, further developing access as huge crowds of individuals hope to get away from the Taliban takeover.

In the course of recent hours, the US flew 13 C-17 vehicle planes into Kabul and flew 12 of them out, bringing out in excess of 2,000 individuals, he said.

The Biden organization has promised to airdrop all US residents out of Afghanistan and however many Afghans as could reasonably be expected in the midst of fears of Taliban requital against the individuals who helped the 20-year war.

The organization says that the Taliban has coordinated on giving safe entry for US residents yet has blocked a few Afghans looking to make a beeline for Hamid Karzai International Airport.

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