What Is Happening In Kabul!

Previous Afghan President Hamid Karzai showed up in a video posted on the web, encircled by his three little girls as a helicopter hummed overhead. He said he trusted that “the issues of our nation and our capital … will be tackled” and that the Taliban “will watch the security of individuals’ lives and property.”

Different figures firmly connected with the American-sponsored government, including Gul Agha Sherzai, the previous legislative head of the Nangahar region, recorded recordings praising the Taliban on its triumph.

However, Ghani’s flight, obviously to adjoining Tajikistan with his family and quite a bit of his administration, broken up plans set up as of late as Saturday to send a group to Doha to arrange progress with the Taliban.

All things being equal, High Council for National Reconciliation Chair Abdullah reported the development of a new “coordination chamber” with Karzai and previous warlord-turned-lawmaker Gulbuddin Hekmatyar to manage the Taliban in Kabul. Its motivation, Karzai said on Twitter, is to “forestall disarray … and to more readily deal with the issues identified with harmony and the quiet exchange” of force.

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