Ashraf Ghani left Afghanistan!

Taliban’s entrance into Kabul was the climax of an emotional drawn-out lightning hostile where the Islamist warriors held onto power over the vast majority of the nation, regularly confronting minimal outfitted obstruction, in a surprising reordering of Afghanistan’s political guide.

“The Taliban has entered Kabul,” Bill Roggio, editorial manager of the Long War Journal, composed on Twitter. “The Taliban assumed control over the official castle, the police order and different establishments. Kabul will successfully fall today.”

The surge left the public authority of Ashraf Ghani strategically and militarily separated, and confronting an approaching Taliban assault. The president, who had opposed requires his acquiescence to prepare for harmonious converses with the civilian army, at long last bowed out.

Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan’s previous president, affirmed Ghani’s flight and said he was in converses with other Afghan pioneers and the Taliban for a quiet handover.

António Guterres, the UN secretary-general, encouraged “the Taliban and any remaining gatherings to practice the most extreme restriction to secure lives”.

Taliban warriors, who intend to set up an Islamic state controlled by a severe, exacting understanding of Islamic law, were at that point taking over deserted city police headquarters and posts.

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