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Life since Covid-19 has changed all the lives of people all around the world, people have developed the ways of doing their jobs, studies and most of all being quarantined. Definitely since 2020, life was put at pause but each day having a hope that everything will soon get back to normal. Now that covid-19 has challenged people life-styles but to every problem people have found solution to continue their lives, though circumstances isn’t same but the show must go on. In this article you will have useful tips to study as being quarantined:

Listen and take notes

While you are in online class try to take notes as it will help you understand your teacher lecture, you would be able to think fast and sharp. Most importantly it will improve your writing skills. Taking notes can help you remember things as when you’re writing things down you will understand what are you writing and most importantly you don’t have to learn by heart the text.

Try to read aloud

Reading aloud will help you understand what are you reading and listening to your own words by reading will help you memorize faster. If reading in your heart then you have to re-read the text again and again and you won’t understand what are you writing and you will waste a lot of time.

Heading the Paragraphs

While you are reading something, try to remember long notes with a key points or headings. Putting heading on long paragraphs will help you to make understand and remember the whole concept of that paragraph. It can help you to answer certain short answers, also differentiating and putting paragraphs in headings will give you a skill of skim and scan.

Sticky Notes

Sometimes you put your task, work activities and assignments for later time but with time you eventually forget and you realize that when it’s the deadline finally you remember that you had to do that certain home-work assigned by your teacher and you forget. So keep sticky notes and write all your tasks and things to do with their deadlines so you don’t forget to do that certain task.

Practice in front of Mirror

Practicing in front of mirror will make you realize your body language, you’re speaking skills and most importantly will give you confidence to be yourself. It will make you learn faster, as your senses will start working and will acknowledge your existence in the mirror.

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