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Opening up your closet and it just a huge pile of clothes stuffed. You have a dinner tomorrow and you can’t find your favorite dress to wear. Imagine you had a clean, tidy and well-arranged wardrobe. I know cleaning put your mindset to being emotional and a chore you have to do. If you need to have a well arranged wardrobe, then follow these easy tips to maintain your wardrobe.

Take out all your clothes

Take out all your clothes from the wardrobe, while taking out the clothes, the clothes you have put in hangers, take them also out, put your clothes and hangers aside. Now while taking out you will see your favorite clothes that you like, so put those in hangers and the clothes you won’t be liking then put that clothes you don’t like to wear into the giveaway file.

Cleaning the wardrobe

After you have taken all your clothes out from the wardrobe, clean your wardrobe, dust your wardrobe and broom the dust out. Now after cleaning the wardrobe arrange those clothes that you might think you will use again, take two boxes and put label on them. Put retrieve label and other to give away for needy people.

Organize it by color

Organize your wardrobe in color arrangements, this will be pleasing for your eyes. You will open and the wardrobe arranged in color format will give an aesthetic look. Also arranging wardrobe in color arrange, you will know how many yellow shirts, dresses and pull-over you have, in case you have 3 shirts of yellow, so you will know which shirt you would like to keep and give away.

Categorize your clothes

Categorize your clothes, now if you’re going to categorize your clothes, you will know for sure where your specific t-shirt is where in your wardrobe. Also it will save you so much time, when your wardrobe is not going to be organized and cluster of clothes in your wardrobe, finding your specific t-shirt will take you to forever to find and it will make you mentally depressed too.

Setting up the clothes

While setting up your clothes, put your fancy dresses, sturdy clothes and your coats on hangers. Putting in hanger will not ruin your clothes fabric and make them ever lasting to use them. Roll your t-shirts, jeans, pajamas and sweaters in your wardrobe drawers. This will help you to differentiate your clothes from home wear to professional wear. Also again pleasing for our eyes and mind, also will save you a lot of time.

I hope that these tips have helped you to maintain your wardrobe, now go get going and maintain your wardrobe for an aesthetic look. Best of luck!

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