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Do want to do some cardio while also playing a game, all that can happen in VR Traffic Run Racer 360. VR Traffic Run Racer 360 is an immersive virtual three dimensional game that has the best high-quality graphics. Get ready for an amazing chase and dodge the obstacles that are coming your way.

VR Traffic Run Racer 360 is an endless Virtual Reality game, with best high-quality graphics. VR Traffic Run Racer 360 brings a lot of happiness, enjoyment and most of all amazing realistic running experience among our players. Support virtual reality for all devices. Not need hardware because it was controlled by body movement completely. Only install and run on your phone. Full compatible with Cardboard VR to View 360 degree in game. All this you can experience in immersive virtual three dimensional simulation. Our users all over the world loved our game and had an amazing experience with VR Traffic Run Racer 360. Naisky would like you to suggest to download VR Traffic Run Racer 360. Let’s find out more about this game!

VR Traffic Run Racer 360- Game Instruction

·      Your in-game character will constantly move forward

·      Steer by pointing your head in the direction you want to move.

·       Can Play without VR box in Touch mode and gyro mode.

·       Stop from colliding to Traffic


·       Keep on moving forward

The controls are simple an intuitive and will give you the real sensation of speed as you run your way through the traffic. Racers get ready as Virtual Reality (VR) racing won’t get any realer than this with amazing visuals effects bringing the sensation of speed to life.

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