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Do you have a love for running, ever wished there were running games you could experience in reality well now dreams do come true! VR Highway Marathon Run 360 a game you will not only run in but will run to win. VR Highway Marathon Run 360 is immersive virtual reality game that has high quality graphics. Our users all over the world loved our game and had an amazing experience with VR Highway Marathon Run 360. Naisky would like you to suggest to download VR Highway Marathon Run 360.

What VR Highway Marathon Run 360 Actually is?

Wear a VR headset and get home exercise bicycle machine wearing a VR box. The accelerometer sensors of mobile will detect your head movement. The track stadium environment will let you run with other competitors or players in VR games.


In this marathon racing game, you will practice and unlock the tactics to be a successful marathon runner. You will learn to balance your speed, try not to get tires and mostly build up stamina. The city marathon is a long-distance Race, completed by running in crowd city. Download it by clicking the link

This virtual reality highway marathon running game does not require separate sensors or gadgets or expensive VR fitness machines. Just the special algorithms will let you use a simple mobile, a VR box headset and let you race in VR. Fitness and exercise is no longer boring. It’s fun, entertainment and exciting now.

VR Highway Marathon Run 360- Game Instructions

  • VR game with or without controller
  • Move your head for left and right

Outstanding Features of VR Highway Marathon Run 360

After testing, researching and surveying user experience, Naisky found that VR Highway Marathon Run 360 game has some outstanding features as follows:

  • Interesting hurdling simulator
  • Gameplay Smooth flip rush & Intuitive controls
  • Ultimate sports adventure
  •  Free Marathon Race with crowd city

VR Highway Marathon Run 360

  • Cardboard Virtual Reality 
  • Gyro Mode
  •  Touch Mode

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