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VR Highway Traffic Bike Racer 360 is a new Virtual Reality endless game and is one of the fastest action-packed and adventurous bike racing game. Join this real driving in desert and traffic bike race for much most realist endless driving simulation of immersive virtual reality game. This game will make you a stunt master as you will practice many stunts on your very own bike in this game, as you will be performing dangerous stunts in this dirt bike champion ship racing without getting hurt in reality. So get ready, get your helmet and start with your very own virtual reality experience with VR Highway Traffic Bike Racer 360.


VR Highway Traffic Bike Racer 360 has amazing high-quality graphics. VR Highway Traffic Bike Racer 360 is a stunt VR racing game on dangerous highway tracks. With its amazing graphics, practicing stunts and racing it also has Turbo stunt racing bike which is an amazing bike to be a stunt master and be a pro speed racer in traffic. In the trail bike games, you have trial frontier with VR traffic bikes. VR bike driving games uses real time physics for you to win virtual reality. Moto riding challenge and beat your opponent superbike racer in the traffic rush. The awesome stunt bikes game has different riding actions to win trail bikes stunt championship. All this you can experience in immersive virtual three dimensional simulation. Our users all over the world loved our game and had an amazing experience with VR Highway Traffic Bike Racer 360. VR Highway Traffic Bike Racer 360 brings a lot of happiness, enjoyment and most of all amazing realistic driving experience among our users. Download the traffic racing games of VR race and drive your motorbike safely to become superbike stunt master now.

General Instructions to VR Highway Traffic Bike Racer 360

In this immersive virtual three dimensional simulation you will experience VR traffic, VR racing, VR stunts and most importantly high-quality graphics. VR Highway Traffic Bike Racer 360 has always satisfied its users with its amazing high-quality graphics and gain a lot of attention towards the players that love bike games.

Real VR Traffic Bike Racer takes the endless modern VR traffic racing generation racing to a whole new level by adding three different Environment. The 1st one is forest which offers the deadly highway tracks including heavy traffic rush to race fast and become a champ. The 2nd one is Desert environment which has only Felix city streets roads to race carefully from crashing the vehicle. And the last one is snow mountain Environment which has mountain terrains for deadly VR racing games.

 Every level of VR Highway Traffic Bike Racer 360 game becomes more challenging felix to complete the mission and win the race against pro riders. Traffic bikes stunt race game explores a natural world while riding superbike race game. Prove yourself as real stuntman in the highway driving. Complete the levels of extreme trail bikes racing 3D within time trial and earn cash to upgrade your nitro zimride bike championship.

VR Highway Traffic Bike Racer 360-Game Instructions

Put your phone into VR Box

Tilt the head left and right to turn the bike  

Collect Coins from crossing the traffic by near and upgrade your motorcycle.

Experience the thrills of real racing and stunts.

Outstanding Features of VR Highway Traffic Bike Racer 360

After testing, researching and surveying user experience, Naisky found that VR Highway Traffic Bike Racer 360 game has some outstanding features as follows:

  • Stunning 3D HD quality graphics.
  • Real motor sounds recorded from real bike championship. 
  • Smooth and realistic motorbike handling.
  • Exciting obstacles and hill climbing racing tracks.

 The controls are simple an intuitive and will give you the real sensation of speed as you ride your way through the highway traffic. Racers get ready as Virtual Reality (VR) racing won’t get any realer than this with amazing visuals effects bringing the sensation of speed to life. You can download this amazing agme by clicking on this link


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