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Are you into magic tricks and want to impress your friends by doing some impressive magic trick? Well a simple solution Naisky suggest you a Mind Reader IQ app, through this app you can read the mind of your friends. This a very incredible and majestic mind reading app.

Through this mind reading app you can surely be the coolest among your friends, as it is simple magic mind reading app. 


Download this app now to shock your friends by this magic mind reading app. Ask your friends to perform the steps given in app. Then finally amaze him/her by showing their mind number on app screen.

Mind Reader IQ- Game Instructions

1.     It is simple you just have to think of any number.

2.     Double your number.(double=think number + think number)

3.     Perform few addition, multiplication and subtraction provided by app and finally get secret number of your mind.

Get ready to shock people by reading people mind by downloading now Mind Reader IQ.


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