How to make latest TikTok trend “Runaway Aurora” in easy few steps: || Naisky

You just have to follow these easy steps to make this latest Tiktok trend.

Step 1:

Open Instagram app from your mobile phone and tap “your Story” shown on the left top of your screen.

Step 2:

Scroll the effects to the right and select the last icon “Browse Effects”. 

Step 3:

 Tap on the search icon shown on the right top of your screen and write “Runaway Aurora” and select any of the effect.

Step 4:

Now tap on the download button and close the Instagram and swipe it up from recent used apps as well.

Step 5:

Open the instagram again and tap “Your Story” and the effect can be seen on the left side of your screen. 

Step 6:

Tap the below arrow icon shown and tap “Hands-Free”

Step 7:

Now single tap on the Runaway Aurora and make your video.

Step 8:

Edit your video on tiktok, upload there and get part of new trend.


  1. Nazneen

    Azaming ill try 😍

  2. Izza Mumtaz

    Oh Thank You.. I was looking for this fo so long 👏🏻

  3. naisky

    We are so happy you like our content. Do tell others who are missing this

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