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Did you ever dreamt of going someplace, going to go an adventure or want to see things you wish that you were in a certain place but you think it’s hard or even impossible for you to be there, virtual reality has made everything you dreamt of being someplace possible. Now what is virtual reality? A question asked by so many but a simple answer in simple words. It’s a headset that you put on your eyes that allows you to see and hear, which stimulates you to a virtual, three dimensional world.

As being stuck in the Covid-19 situation, technology is being used worldwide for different purposes, just like that virtual reality is being used for many purposes. Many see virtual reality for entertainment purpose but virtual reality is used in many fields of life, now the next generation can even consider their path of careers in virtual reality and also VR is used for these following purposes: 

VR in Military

VR is being used for military purposes in UK and US, it’s being used for their army, navy, air force, marines and coast guard. Huge range of stimulations are being used to train their military. It can used for their virtual training field, virtual booth camps, battle field simulations and flight simulations. Instead of putting the military in dangerous situations they can experience it in virtual reality.

VR in Mental Health

Virtual Reality helps people who are going through mental health. Mental Health is a serious problem many people going through mental health has committed suicides. VR helps people who are going through PTSD. It also helps to be therapeutic for soldiers who return from their combat. 

VR in Fashion

Now you can create your own design clothes and accessories, people are using virtual reality to design their own brand by simply designing your own avatars and design clothes and accessories on it. You can also have virtual Fashion show by inviting your audience in the immersive virtual three dimensional stimulation.

VR in Education

Just like in fashion, you can use it in to educate your child, schools are now also using virtual reality in such covid-19 situations. A vitual platform has been created to invite many children in the immersive virtual three dimensional stimulation, where students can see each other learn and go on virtual field trips for example museum.


If you wish to go to some place like on moon, in space, forest to interact with nature or to lying down under the sky full of stars. Anything can happen in virtual reality as it will take you to immersive virtual three dimensional virtual stimulation.

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