VR City Helicopter Racer ||Naisky

VR City Helicopter Racer takes you on a flying adventure through the city in this helicopter flying simulation game. You just take control of your helicopter, dodge the obstacles and experience a life-like environment with stunning 3D graphics . If you like helicopter games and helicopter simulator; this game is for you. This is the best pilot flying, helicopter games for free.


Every mission requires your high skills and it is your job to fly the helicopter carefully and not to crush it in the hills and mountains. You are a great captain and you have to prove it this time by a successful transport. Show your flying skills and report to the commander. This transportation is addictive and you won’t stop playing it time and again.


Be careful when flying the helicopter to avoid hitting other helicopters or you crash and have to retry the level and fly safer.


-Use Tilt Controls, to play this wear your Google cardboard or vr box and just tilt device to move left right to dodge the obstacles or other Helicopters.
– It works with the new Google Cardboard and other similar VR glasses (headsets).
-Use headphones, for the best experience .
-VR Helicopter gives complete control of helicopter.


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