Whether you are in quarantine or self-isolation due to COVID-19, you will inevitably be spending more time at home.Quarantine life is challenging.While we are self-quarantining ourselves at our homes to evade Coronavirus, our whole routine has turned on its side.The lockdown is brewing stress, anxiousness and boredom, making people turn to food for some relief. Comfort foods, snacks, desserts, junk food may help in taking the edge off, but too much of it may not be good for health, especially for your weight.Statistics suggest soaring sales of unhealthy snack items during the period of lockdown. People are gaining weight due to lack of physical activities, overeating, and lazying around all day.

Excess intake of salt is linked to water retention or weight; therefore, it is best to take only the required amount.

If you eat most of you food hours before you sleep, your body is able to digest it better. Good digestion is key for healthy weight-management.

Make sure you include all essential macronutrients and micronutrients in your diet. Good carbs, good fats and good quality protein are crucial to keep us healthy and fortified. Do not eliminate a nutrient from your diet without understanding its impact.

It is important to distinguish between good quality carbs from bad. Refined goods like white breads, refined cereals pasta and sugary goods like cookies, doughnuts and cakes are not the kind of carbs that will help you lose weight. Include more whole wheat products and foods with complex carbs and fibre. Complex carbs do not get digested too soon and help keep cravings at bay.

At times your body intermixes signals of thirst and hunger. Drinking plenty of water helps you keep away from unhealthy snacking, and is good for digestion, healthy kidneys and skin. If plain water bores you, you can try herbal tea and infused water as well.

Make it a habit to have at least 2-3 fruits every day. Seasonal fruits come with a range of healthy antioxidants. Most of these fruits and vegetables are also enriched with fibre that promotes weight loss.

Nuts and seeds are a treasure of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Almonds, walnuts, flaxseeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds – are particularly very beneficial for weight loss.

It is a good idea to split your large meals into multiple small meals, this helps you watch calories and is also good for metabolism.

It supposedly helps rejuvenate you, rid your body of toxins and revs up your metabolism.

The great thing about virtual reality  games is that they provide a workout while not really feeling like one during the moment. Sure, you are working up a sweat and raising your heart rate just like a traditional exercise session, but you are also playing a game and achieving goals along the way. This makes virtual reality workouts a great alternative to hitting the gym, and there are plenty of games that will see players melting off pounds.

Following are the VIRTUAL REALITY games:


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  1. Abdur Rehman

    Salam Sir,
    Well this article is helpful for todays generation , because most of the children even adults eating junk foods in daily life and dont care about their health so after following this article i hope so we will lose our weight because even i gain from 72 to 95 .
    Thanks for such articles😊

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