Warnings At Kabul Airport!

Individuals in Afghanistan should avoid the Kabul air terminal due to a “high threat of a terrorist attack”, the UK Foreign Office has warned.

In new guidance, the FCDO told anyone in the area to “move away to a safe location and await further advice”.

Australia and the US have additionally given alarms, advising those external the air terminal to leave right away.

Military priest James Heappey said there was”very credible” reporting of an “imminent” attack.

It comes in the midst of a competition to transport thousands from Kabul before 31 August when unfamiliar soldiers will leave.

In the update gave on Wednesday evening, the FCDO additionally cautioned that going by the street was “extremely dangerous” with people alleged to have been “mistreated” on their way to the airport.

The US prompted Americans in Afghanistan not to travel or assemble at the air terminal

 “because of security threats outside the gates”.

And Australia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Marise Payne, said: “There is an ongoing and very high threat of a terrorist attack.”

US President Joe Biden has recently cautioned of a gathering connected to the Islamic State bunch that is trying to focus on the air terminal.

The public authority says the activity to eliminate British nationals, just as Afghans who worked for the UK and other weak people, is moving at

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