No source of income in Afghanistan!

By 10 am on Wednesday, he had effectively held up four hours in line was as yet unfit to get inside the actual bank building itself. To earn a living wage in the capital, he has been functioning as a day worker, yet with a business having ground to a close stopping, he has little karma tying down sufficient work to get back to Kunduz.

Massoud, who was positioned in the southern area of Kandahar, said he brought in that cash serving his country in the most troublesome conditions.

“We came under siege so many times. We had to fight without food and water. And yet, because the government decides to give up and leave, we are left without access to the money we fought for,” he said, referring to the fact that many well-known members of the former administration also fled the country.

He isn’t the solitary individual from the Afghan National Security Forces in line. Remaining close to Massoud is Abdul, an individual warrior who was positioned in an area of the Kabul region. He said since the Taliban has assumed control over security obligations in the country, the greater part of the ANSF keep thinking about whether this will be the last remaining time they might at any point get compensation.

Abdul and Massoud both said bringing in their cash stretch for 10 days was troublesome, yet conceivable. What they dreaded, however, is the months ahead, when they might have no kind of revenue at all.

“We don’t know if we’ll have jobs anymore or if we’ll ever earn another Afghani again to feed our families.”

Clients outside the bank disclosed to Al Jazeera the vast majority can depend on family members and associates for little credits in the midst of hardship, yet that isn’t manageable, particularly as private workplaces proceed to close and business adventures have likewise been seen their clients diminish since the Taliban dominated.

The Taliban has been delayed to return government workplaces as it still can’t seem to declare an organization and initiative design. Last week, the gathering said the Ministry of Finance would guarantee instalments of all Afghan government workers, yet numerous in the public authority stay doubtful of the Taliban’s guarantee.

One labourer at the Ministry of Finance disclosed to Al Jazeera he had not been in the workplace since the Taliban takeover 10 days prior, “I’m not even sure if they need me,” he said not wanting to reveal his identity.

On Monday, the Taliban designated Mohammad Idris as acting legislative leader of the Central Bank, however reestablishing certainty among customers and financial backers will end up being a lengthy, difficult experience for the gathering.

Abdul said, “We don’t know if there will be anymore military or what the government will be, how can we be certain they will pay us?”

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