Main developments in Afghanistan!

Here are the fundamental improvements in Afghanistan, six days after the Taliban assumed responsibility for the capital Kabul:

Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the prime supporter of the Taliban, has shown up in Kabul to join chats on setting up another administration

In the meantime, individuals are turning out to be progressively terrified they might run out of cash, as banks stay shut for the seventh day

The US trips out of the Kabul air terminal have continued after departures were suspended for the time being following major deferrals on Friday. Bahrain and the UAE are among the nations permitting Afghans to travel after Qatar said it had arrived at the limit

US President Joe Biden has pledged to get back all Americans and the Afghans who helped them, however, has cautioned that the mass departure mission would be unsafe

Greece has built a line fence on its line with Turkey, to forestall potential intersections by Afghans escaping the Taliban

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