Turkey Field Assessment!

Backing to Life led a field evaluation in Manavgat on July 31st and August first. During the appraisal, contacts were made with AFAD, District Directorate of Agriculture, Manavgat Municipality Coordination Center,

Exploring and Guiding Federation of Turkey, and Ahbap Platform volunteers, which were organizing dissemination of materials at AFAD Coordination Center stockroom. Also, field visits were directed to Dikmen area, which was influenced by the fire, and an in-person meeting was coordinated in the neighbourhood Mukhtar. Calls were made to with Mukhtars of 21 areas that were pronounced to be severally and to some degree influenced by the fire by AFAD (Dikmen, Tilkiler, Çardak, Aşağıışıklar, Hocalı,

Evrenseki, Kalemler, Gebece, Hocalar, Sarılar, Çolaklı, Gündoğdu, Yavrudoğan, Çeltikçi, Şişeler, Yeniköy,

Yukarıışıklar, Çayyazı, Salkım Evler, Uzunkale, and Sülek). As the fire proceeded in Hocalar, Gebece, and Çardak towns, itemized calls couldn’t be made. The legislative leader of Kalemler town was harmed in the fire and he was unable to be reached. During calls, it was discovered that a sum of 180 families was influenced by the fire. As per nearby specialists, the number of complete families that were influenced was around 200.

During conversations with the previously mentioned partners and field visits, it was seen that prompt fundamental requirements point by point by areas underneath were met, in-kind guide shipped off the space surpassed the necessities, and other quick requirements were restricted. Other than the quick necessities, a likely space of intercession for the forthcoming time frame is recognized as the arrangement of non-food things (furniture) for families getting back to their homes after the fire is totally stifled. Also, it is seen that medium and long haul backing could be expected to fix harm in agribusiness and farming foundation, which are the principal wellsprings of occupation for the influenced populace.

On July 31st, 2021 the Turkish Presidency announced regions influenced as calamity zones. Public help to harmed regions will be followed, and extra guide arrangements could be expected to satisfy possible holes.

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