Partnerships with third-party countries!

A few German lawmakers, including Armin Laschet, the middle right Union alliance’s contender to succeed Angela Merkel as chancellor, has cautioned there should be “no repeat” of the movement emergency of 2015.

French President Emmanuel Macron stressed “Europe alone cannot shoulder the consequences” of the situation in Afghanistan and “must anticipate and protect ourselves against significant irregular migratory flows”.

England, which left the EU in 2020, said it would invite 5,000 Afghan evacuees this year and resettle 20,000 Afghans in coming years.

Other than that, there have been not many substantial proposals from European nations, which other than emptying their own residents and Afghan staff, say they are zeroing in on aiding Afghans inside their nation and in adjoining nations like Iran and Pakistan.

Europe “should not wait until people stand at our external border”, EU Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson said.

EU Council President Charles Michel recognized the difficulties confronting Europe when he visited Madrid on Saturday to visit Spain’s crisis centre point for Afghan outcasts.

“Partnerships with third-party countries will be at the heart of our discussion in the European Union. We have to adopt strategies that ensure migration is possible in an orderly and consistent fashion,” he said.

“We need to find that balance between the dignity of the European Union and the capacity to defend European Union interests.”

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