How the Taliban took control of Afghanistan

US powers based external Afghanistan had dispatched airstrikes against Taliban positions prior to last week, yet they neglected to slow the development of the agitators.

Albeit most US assembles left July, a few thousand got back to Kabul at the end of the week to assist with emptying American and unified staff from the capital.

The air terminal in the capital was the solitary authority course out of the nation after the Taliban assumed responsibility for all the significant line crossings.Customs obligation on merchandise entering the country by means of intersections they control is presently gathered by the Taliban – albeit precise sums are indistinct as the volume of exchange has fallen because of the battling.

However, Islam Qala on the line with Iran was, for instance, fit for producing more than $20 million every month.

Disturbance to the progression of imports and fares has influenced costs of fundamental products in the business sectors – fuel and groceries specifically.

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