Taliban Goal!

The Taliban’s point is straightforward, specialists said: to reclaim what the gathering lost in the mid-2000s.”They need their Islamic emirate back in power,” Crews said. “They need their vision of Islamic law.”

He proceeded: “They don’t need a parliament. They don’t need discretionary legislative issues. They have an emir and they have a chamber of mullahs, and that is the vision they see as best for Islam.”

There doesn’t appear to be a solitary head of the Taliban, yet the gathering seems to have a few primary pioneers.

Regardless of whether life under Taliban rule will be equivalent to it whenever was stayed indistinct. There’s little uncertainty that the gathering needs to bind ladies to their homes, end blended sexual orientation schooling and bring back society with Islamic law at its middle.

In any case, common society has thrived in the previous twenty years that didn’t exist previously. Ladies have accepted public positions in Kabul as well as in more modest urban communities. Cellphones and web-based media are normal. Specialists addressed whether the Taliban would have the option to oversee a populace that has changed.

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