“Ballie,” the yellow circular robot can watch your home, go about as a wellness collaborator, and record “unique moments.”At CES 2020, Samsung presented its little moving robot partner that is expected to help the clients around the house. The little robot was portrayed utilizing facial acknowledgement to pursue a lady around the room and change content on a shrewd presentation, enacting a robot vacuum.

In front of an audience at CES, Samsung CEO H.S. Kim had Ballie chase after him as he provided the little robot orders to “walk together” and “walk quicker.” The robot appeared to comprehend these relevant orders without any problem. The robot is intended to get, support and respond to the client’s requirements around the house.

As indicated by sources, Ballie remembers gadget AI capacities that empower it to be a wellness partner and a versatile interface that looks for answers for individuals’ evolving needs. Samsung likewise displayed an update to its GEMS (Gait Enhancing and Motivating System) wellbeing stage, which it showed at CES last year. This time, Samsung added expanded reality glasses and a virtual fitness coach (suggestive of Nintendo’s Wii Fit Trainer) who screens clients by means of leg sensors.

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