Edifier R1280T

The R1280T is a bunch of genuinely ordinary shelf speakers, with heaps of ability gathered into two thick wooden satellites with no subwoofer. Regardless of whether as an auxiliary arrangement of speakers for an office or room or as a component of a spending plan disapproved of principle framework, there isn’t a lot more very much explored $100 speakers than Edifier’s R1280Ts.

The controlled shelf speakers gloat 4-inch essential woofers and a committed tweeter in every unit, dividing 42 watts of force among them. Sources of info are straightforward: two RCA sound jacks, the two of which are continually dynamic. The right speaker holds change handles for ace volume, bass, and high pitch, with no screen of any sort. The association board is also Spartan, with twofold RCA inputs and the speaker wire jack for the left unit. The solitary other control is a force switch. The solitary sign of a more present-day make is the included distant, which is extra, with just volume and quiet controls.

At $100, the R1280T isn’t substantially more costly than a quality 2.1 speaker set, and a lot less expensive than comparable controlled shelf sets. With its phenomenal sound quality, a medium force for an office or room, and great if traditional looks, it’s an extraordinary ally for practically any work area arrangement. Double information sources are a decent reward, particularly in the event that you routinely shuffle numerous sound sources.

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