1. Burn Your Fat With Me

Who’s ready to get into the weird fitness video games? Burn Your Fat with Me is a dating simulator with a fitness element. The game plays lots like a Doctor Layton or Phoenix Wright sport. However, instead of building instances or fixing puzzles, you’re seeking to burn fats. The participant works their manner through diverse in-game achievements, along with doing 50 sit down-Usain three minutes and developing the tale. The visible novel and dating sim aspect is something you don’t see each day.

You can download it from the link below.


2. CardioCast

CardioCast is a first rate all-in-one exercise app. It consists of many exercises for indoor cycling, yoga, elliptical, and other styles of workouts. You can do workouts in 20-, 30-, forty five-, or 60-minute exercises, and there are various approaches to song your health. This one isn’t always a sport, however, it does come up with rewards factors for maintaining up together with your routines. Thus, it’s near sufficient to paintings with a listing like this. The app has a very good format that is easy to read.

You can download it from the link below.


3. Fitness RPG

Fitness RPG is, at its centre, an easy cell gacha recreation. It has the standard stuff like turn-primarily based fight, diverse heroes to play with, online PvP, and a story to play thru. It even has a power gadget to restrict how tons you play. However, you can conquer that limit with the aid of walking. The app doubles as a pedometer and offers you lose strength to play the game as you walk. You can join Google Fit or Fitbit to the app, so it ought not to depend on your steps.

You can download it from the link below.


4. Walkr

Walkr is a hybrid of a healthy recreation and a journey game. Players stroll around, and the game maintains the music of the stairs. It then uses the steps of the one to transport players around the game universe. The sport has 50 planets to discover, numerous missions to finish, and an aim that will help you reach 10,000 steps per day. The missions affect the sport global so that your type of build matters as you move. The sport laboured by and large best at some point of our checking out, however, a few players filed court cases approximately the app not always registering steps.

You can download it from the link below.


5. Wokamon

Wokamon is a hybrid among a health sport and a Tamagotchi-fashion simulator. The idea isn’t a lot one-of-a-kind from other video games on the list. You walk a bunch of steps, and it gives you in-sport stuff. Players earn more Wokamons as they walk, and that’s the imperative premise of the sport. The strength they advantage from our taking walks allows shopping their planet. In any case, it’s a lovely little recreation with a surprisingly small quantity of participant interplay. You log in, take a stroll, and then use the electricity for in-recreation stuff, and that’s approximately it.

You can download it from the link below.


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