The Air Cleanser- Carrier OptiClean

The Carrier OptiClean unit draws air from inside an investigation corridor, disposing of various unfamiliar substances and delivering filtered air. A flexible air purifier worked by means of Carrier that has two air-cleaning limits. It can change any room into an indicated negative air-­pressure space to hold possibly polluted air back from gushing out, pushing it rather through a high-­efficiency HEPA channel before conveying it back into the room. On the other hand, it can simply filter through microorganisms from a room.

As an Air Scrubber, Ideal for K–12 examination lobbies, dental working environments, clinical and remedial centres, general work environments, retail and diners, health centres, hair/nail salons.

As a Negative Air Machine Guidance from the CDC suggests that schools set aside space for temporary isolation rooms. The OptiClean can be changed over for this use quickly and with no issue. HEPA dispersion is allowed at a speed of 12 air changes every hour or higher.

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