How to Create an Account on Twitch? ||Naisky

If you are a gamer and love exploring games, streams and videos of games. Then Twitch is a perfect platform for the gamers. Twitch focus on gaming content, it has every games. You can also monetize your content while playing games. Also you can watch live streams of your favorite gamer. Twitch also allows to posts music, TV series and the arts. It’s also ad-free. In this article you will be guided step-by-step to create an account on Twitch.

Step 1

Search “Twitch” on Google

Step 2

Click on the first link

Step 3

On the top right side of the screen there is “Sign up” option, click on that option in order to create account on Twitch.

Step 4

Fill up in order to sign up, so that your account can be created.

Step 5

Choose the following options that your into.

Step 6

Your account has been created on Twitch, now enjoy gaming, streaming and uploading your video.

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