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Follow these steps to write a successful research article. First of all I will briefly explain you the research paper.

Abstract is written first but its details are written in end, so what you have to do properly mention your topic, what is your objective, and what were the findings.

In Introduction you have to within introduce your topic, and the researches that have been done relevant to your topic and the contributions that you are giving to this research, that you are focusing on this research.

In problem statement you are going to address the actual issue of the research you are conducting.

In research objective you have to start with to excess, to examine, to investigate and to explore. 2 very smart objective so u can address them.

Then based on your objectives you will do your research questions, don’t use, what because ultimately your answer will be yes or no. Start with how. How u have addressed, and what were the problems and how you mention the solution for them or certain measures that you’ll be taking and recommendation for future researchers.

In literature review it must be very brief, and it must like a type of conversation. Also you have to make objective accordingly and within that properly address policy. Pollution issue. Any case. Literature review. If any T.V researchers happened on the topic you chose to do research paper kindly mention what the researchers did in their study. In end you have to write 3-4 lines about the focus of your study.

In methodology you have to tell the method you used to conduct your research paper, the two methodology are quantitative and qualitative. Also the research tools are primary and secondary. Since in quarantine you can go for qualitative research and tell what source you used in order to collect the data.

In finding analysis you have to combine both the objectives of the research paper in the end draw diagrams, histogram pictogram.

 Fig 1 labeled properly

In conclusion, conclude everything and don’t add nothing new.

In references you can put any citations that you have been asked or you desire.

In the end appendix.


 Now this is the format you have to follow while writing a research article.


1. Introduction

  • Problem statement
  • Research objective
  • Research question

2. Literature review

3. Methodology

4.Finding Analysis



7. Appendix

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