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Espresso TV is an Internet portal and television channel that broadcasts the most current and important events taking place in Ukraine. We are watched by Ukrainians at home and abroad, as well as all those who want to know what Ukraine is like today. Espresso TV unites everyone who cares about the democratic path of Ukraine’s development. Espresso TV covers accurate and objective news of the political, social and cultural life of the state. Socially important topics and events are discussed daily in the studio of the channel with the participation of famous and authoritative people. Subscribe to our channel! Espresso.TV – an Internet portal and a TV channel provides the most current and most relevant news to people in Ukraine, to Ukrainians living abroad, and to all others interested in what is happening in Ukraine. Espresso.TV aims to unite those who care about democratization of Ukraine. Espresso.TV is dedicated to accurate and objective reporting of political, social, and cultural life in Ukraine. Located in Ukraine.