Upload a Valid App Bundle Error in Playstore

When you upload an apk file on playstore, it gives an error message of “Upload a Valid App Bundle Error in Playstore”

According to the new policies for updated sdk you have to upload android bundle file on playstore

Here we have two Solutions

1- For Android Studio

2- For Unity 3d

Lets start with android studio first. In android studio you have to build the android app bundle.

Open your project, on top bar find “Build” button, click on it.

Then click on “Generate Signed Bundle / APK…”

Then this kind of window will appear, Here select the button of “Android App Bundle”

Now build your app bundle and upload on playstore, Your error will be resolved

2- For Unity 3d

Open your unity editor, on top bar click on “File” and select “Build Setting”

Then this type of window will appear, Here you can find the “Build app Bundle” option, Now check this button and build your app.

Once your app bundle is built, upload it on playstore.

Finally, we resolved our error and successfully upload "App Bundle " on playstore.

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