Afghan evacuees at a US airbase in Qatar

Pentagon representative John Kirby says the US is dealing with further developing conditions for Afghan evacuees at a US airbase in Qatar after a video film got by news sources showed them living in brutal conditions.

Photographs and video films imparted to Al Jazeera showed many Afghans swarmed together in unsanitary conditions in a shelter at Al Udeid airbase in Qatar.

Afghan outcasts who sent the photos to Al Jazeera said they were being kept in the intense warmth where a few groups had blacked out as they held up in long lines to utilize the latrine or get food and water. Most didn’t have any extra garments and were unconscious of what their last objections would be.

Reacting to the reports, Kirby said no one was rationalizing the conditions at the base.

“Everybody’s focused on trying” to improve the conditions, Kirby told Axios on Tuesday.

On Friday, a US Central Command (Centcom) official had dispatched a blistering assault in an inner email acquired by Axios over the lamentable conditions and treatment of Afghan outcasts at the American-run offices in Qatar.

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