Where will Afghan refugees go?

The Taliban control all the fundamental land crossing focuses with Afghanistan’s neighbours, and the aggressors have said they don’t need Afghans to leave.

Yet, a few evacuees have figured out how to discover an exit plan, while a great many Afghans are additionally accumulated at the nation’s just working air terminal in Kabul in the expectation of loading onto a trip out.

Indeed, even before the Taliban retook control, in excess of 550,000 individuals had been compelled to escape their homes this year because of battling, as indicated by the UNHCR.

That implies an expected 3.5 million Afghans are right now uprooted inside the country.

Adjoining nations Pakistan and Iran saw the most noteworthy quantities of Afghan evacuees and refuge searchers last year.

Practically 1.5 million escaped to Pakistan in 2020, while Iran facilitated 780,000, as per UNHCR figures.

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