What can we expect from today’s G-7 summit?

After days of determined scenes at Kabul airport, many could be looking to G7 leaders for some signal that the evacuation attempt can be prolonged past the stop of the month, despite the fact that it simplest for a few days.

It’s not clean if Joe Biden is ready to make that commitment. At the Pentagon, officials have made it clean that if there is a military assessment that an extension is required, that discussion could be had with the president. They say they’re no longer there but.

But having blindsided his allies with a choice to withdraw US troops through 11 September (a closing date later brought ahead to 31 August), does he experience a political, even an ethical responsibility to concentrate to their pleas now?

Today’s meeting will talk longer-term targets: How to assist refugees in the destiny, resettlement schemes, aid, and efforts geared toward what Downing Street with a few luck calls “securing a more stable future for Afghanistan”.

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