Chaos at the airport in Afghanistan!

Waving their red and dark UK travel papers hysterically noticeable all around, a gathering of men frantically attempt to stand out enough to be noticed by the British officers before them.

They’re remaining before the passageway to the protected compound where those being emptied by the UK consulate have been advised to go.

They’ve gotten messages advising them to turn up here to be flown out, however, there’s an excited group and nobody is being allowed in.

Among the British residents are Helmand Khan, a Uber driver from west London and his little youngsters. They had come to Afghanistan a couple of months back to see family members and are presently frantically attempting to return home.

Likewise advised by the UK consulate to come here is Khalid, a previous mediator for the British Army. He has a 15-day-old child with him and is stressed he will not endure.

Relatively close, at another door, the group is much greater and more tumultuous. Now and again the British officers discharge shots into the air.

There are many Afghans here who don’t yet have any authorization to travel, however, they’ve brought along archives showing they worked for unfamiliar government offices or powers and are trusting by one way or another to be let through.

They will not be, however, the enormous group, bumping with one another while fighters shout at them to move back, is making it very testing to handle the individuals who will be let through.

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