Status of the Afghan economy before the Taliban took over!

Battling. The country’s economy is “shaped by fragility and aid dependence,”

as per the World Bank, with 75% of public spending financed by awards.

That help was at that point set to diminish by around 20% from 2016-2020 levels this year after “several major donors provided only single-year pledges” during the 2020 Afghanistan Conference, “with future support made conditional upon the government achieving accelerated progress in efforts to combat corruption, reduce poverty, and advance ongoing peace talks,” the World Bank said.

Presently, with the Taliban in control, it’s dubious whether any of those conditions will be met, possibly further lessening the unfamiliar guide the nation depends on — remembering for the type of SDRs.

An SDR is a global hold resource made by the IMF from a crate of monetary standards including the US dollar, Japanese yen, Chinese yuan, the euro and the British pound.

While not an authority cash itself, the SDR resembles counterfeit money that IMF part states can trade for uninhibitedly usable hard monetary standards like US dollars.

Nations can trade their SDRs for those unreservedly usable monetary standards at a proper conversion scale, which changes day by day and is posted on the IMF’s site.

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