Protests In Afghanistan!

The Taliban approached Afghanistan’s imams to encourage solidarity when they hold their first Friday supplications since the Islamist bunch held onto control of the nation, as fights against the takeover spread to more urban communities on Thursday, including the capital, Kabul.

A few groups were killed when Taliban assailants terminated on a group in the eastern city of Asadabad, an observer said. Another observer detailed shots almost a convention in Kabul, however, they seemed, by all accounts, to be Taliban discharging into the air.

On the day Afghanistan praises its autonomy from British control in 1919, a web-based media video showed a horde of people in Kabul waving dark, red and green public banners.

“Our banner, our character,” they yelled.

At certain fights somewhere else, media detailed individuals destroying the Taliban’s white banner.

A Taliban representative was not promptly accessible for input.

A few shows were little, however, joined with the frantic scramble of thousands of individuals trying to escape the country they underline the test the Taliban face in administering.

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