ABDUL GHANI BARADAR: First deputy, political leader

Baradar is at the highest point of the chain of importance of Akhundzada’s three appointees. Brought into the world in 1968, he became companions with Mohammad Omar as a young adult.

In the wake of battling the Soviets as Omar’s right-hand man in a mujahedeen legion, Baradar joined his companion and others in establishing the Taliban in 1994.

Baradar was the main part in the infamous Quetta Shura that allegedly coordinated Taliban activities from Pakistani domain after the 2001 US attack brought down the Afghan Islamists – until his catch in Karachi in 2010, which American authorities welcomed at the time as a potential “defining moment” in their conflict against the Taliban.

Pakistan delivered Baradar in 2018 upon the US’s solicitation. Before long, he went to Qatar to head the Taliban’s discretionary workplaces. In this job, he consented to the Doha Arrangement with the Trump organization in February 2020 – in which the US said it would pull out all soldiers as long as the Taliban sought after a discretionary arrangement with the Afghan government and halted any al Qaeda activities in regions under their influence.

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