MarsCat is the world’s first bionic pet feline created by Elephant Robotics, intending to be a home robot, an automated pet to comfort you and shock you. Created by Elephant advanced mechanics, MarsCat is a bionic clever home robot that expects to solace and shock the client. It is completely independent and can feel your touch, hear your voice, see your face and play with toys.

MarsCat acts autonomously with no guidelines. MarsCat strolls, runs, dozes, sits, extends, nibbles nails works and even covers litter despite the fact that she will not deliver any waste. MarsCat can even change itself when the battery is low. The robot incorporates quad-center Raspberry PIa and has highlights like picture acknowledgement, distance insight, and so forth

MarsCat is a decent friend, it is completely responsive and intuitive. It can play with you or your toys on the grounds that it can feel, hear and see. Contact its head, jaw or back to discover how it will respond! It can likewise communicate with items or individuals close by, even play with genuine felines. Each MarsCat is interesting from its eyes, body to character, its character will change as per the manner in which you pet it.

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