LynQ-A Compass That Points to Family and Friends

The LynQ an advanced compass that focuses on your companions rather than genuine north works without cell information or wifi to help all of you discover each other…as long as nobody meanders inside and away from a GPS signal.

Having gotten an opportunity to evaluate three of the LynQ gadgets in and around my area over the previous week I can affirm that the LynQ is genuine, and it’s a sharp option in contrast to depending on a cell phone to find a gathering of companions during outside undertakings, or in any event, monitoring pets and children off playing all alone. In any case, similarly, as with all first-gen items, there’s certain limits and some unmistakable space for refinement.

The LynQ seems as though a stout plastic carabiner with a little, round monochromatic LCD show toward one side, and a locking cut on the other that can be utilized to join the tracker to a lash on your pack, a belt, or even a canine’s choker in case they’re sufficiently huge to heft it around.

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