Polk Signature Series S15

The Polk Signature Series S15 shelf speakers look as great, all things considered, as they do in the extravagant web pictures, with an immaculate bureau finish and premium drivers. Every bureau includes an exceptionally effective 5-1/4-inch Dynamic Balance woofer alongside a one-inch high-goal Terylene arch tweeter to cover the full solid range. The Polk Signature Series S15 consolidates magnificent plans and execution at an entirely sensible cost. You can depend on perfectly clear sound in light of the fact that every speaker is outfitted with a 1-inch Terylene tweeter and a 5.25-inch dynamic equilibrium driver.

In case we’re to arrange shelf speakers inside this value range as indicated by how great they look, we’d place the Polk S15 at the actual first spot on the list. They additionally accompany an attractive intro page. You can either utilize that or allow the drivers to stay uncovered. Likewise, with most home theatre shelf speakers, the Polk Signature Series S15 is upgraded for midrange and top of the line. The one-inch Terylene arch tweeters are confirmed for Hi-Res sound, and they can convey up to 40 kHz in recurrence for all-around itemized very good quality and smooth, clear high-recurrence sounds with a lot of assaults. The S15 shelf speakers include what the organization calls a “Force Port,” which is a port at the back over which there’s a plastic puzzle that spreads the bass frequencies in a more extensive way. The Power Port permits the S15 speaker to have a stronger bass than what you’d anticipate from sound gadgets of this size, all without being neither messy nor sloppy.

The speakers are sufficiently little to fit on most shelves, yet it actually conveys extraordinary vocals and profound bass that is liberated from twisting when you impact the speakers. By and large, we’re truly dazzled by the bass that these shelf speakers are fit for creating, particularly at the cost. As a rule, you will not long for a subwoofer to get the always wanted bass.

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