A More Convenient Cup- Cuzen Matcha!

Cuzen Matcha gives tea consumers the high-craftsmanship tea experience by means of an innovative computerized framework. A scored clay plate grinds premium tea leaves, apportions them into a carafe and utilizations an attractive blender to make ideal frothy matcha. Taste it cold or at room temperature, add milk over ice for a matcha latte, or pour in steaming hot water for a “matcha Americano.”

Author Eijiro Tsukada needs to assist with peopling drink matcha no sweat that they drink espresso and offers a correspondingly advantageous trade for plastic packaged matcha. Cuzen Matcha works with a tea ranch in Japan’s Kagoshima prefecture to purchase leaves that are just part of the way squashed, not ground, which makes for a smoother and fresher cuppa.

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