Jeff Bezos Goes on a Trip To Kármán Line!

If you don’t know who Jeff Bezos is, then a brief introduction about him I will give to you. Jeff Bezos is an American businessman, the founder and executive chairman of Amazon. This year on 20th July, 2021, the 57 year old billionaire is going to have a straight up and down trip to the starting of space that is called the Kármán Line.

Jeff Bezos went on New Shepard to the Kármán Line. New Shepard has six seats and large windows and it’s a capsule. The one passenger seat has been given to public auction, and the money raised will be given to its foundation that promotes science and technology education said by the Blue Origin.

 So what New Shepard is? We know it’s a capsule that has six seats and large windows but at at 18m in height and 4m wide, New Shepard is a fully reusable, vertical takeoff, vertical landing (VTVL) space vehicle.

So they will experience going to the starting of space in upward position and momentum as carried by New Shepard, 76km in altitude when the pressurized passenger vessel is lift by the booster unit where the pairs separate. It operates from desert land in Van Horn in West Texas. The passengers will experience a view of Earth’s curve and blackness of space, it will be a weightless experience up there. The booster of New Shepard has a controllable and propelling as it lands on a concrete pad and when being dropped three parachutes open.

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