A Talking Hearing Aid Starkey Livio AI!

A Talking Hearing Aid Starkey Livio AI is invented by Starkey. Starkey founded in 1967, an Eden Prairie-based organization that is made hearing answers for in excess of 50 years, has been named on TIME Magazine’s rundown of Best 2019 Inventions. William F. Austin is the founder and owner of Starkey.

A Talking Hearing Aid Starkey Livio AI, invented in 2018 by Starkey, an Eden Prairie-based company. So it is basically a very helpful invention. So what makes it useful? It helps you to do so many tasks, you don’t only listen to music into it but much more.

So basically what it does it that it helps you have loud volume of music and you can’t hear any noise from background, also it has sensors embedded and artificial intelligence which is very useful as it helps to stream music, be an assistant that answers to you verbally; it can be your assistance, it can be used as a translator too that it allows translating languages into your language, it can also be used to keep in track of your physical activities, detect falls (and alert loved ones) and also keeps track of that how much you communicate in a day; it can be useful for elderly people since they are isolated.

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