VR Zombie Shoot (Cardboard Game) ||Naisky

VR Zombies Shoot game is the most horrible and stunning VR zombie endurance shooting match-up with a lot of invigorating movement and outrageous commando shooting experience in mid of zombie city.360 cardboard VR glasses and like the killing zombie diversions missions in vain. As an administration specialist master sharpshooter commando shooter, kill every one of the perilous zombies and devilish animals which are meandering all over causing generous blood. You need to forestall these cutthroat zombies from attacking the fair locals by using killer headshots. Essentially take out the aggregate of your essential weapons and get ready for the heartless VR zombies endurance shooting beguilements missions in this VR animal game. The game has a directions screen as of now, yet at the same time on the off chance that you didn’t get it. Supplement your phone in VR headset and afterwards, If you slant your head descending way, then, at that point you will push ahead, and assuming you slant your head up, you will go in reverse. Simply call attention to the adversaries and the weapon will naturally shoot them. Zombies will assault you from both sides.

You can download from the link below.

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