VR Jurassic – Dino Park & Roller Coaster Simulator || Naisky

Computer-generated Reality in astonishing Jurassic Dino Park and ancient historical center. With VR crazy ride to ride likewise, we have VR cave and VR burrow all in 360! All augmented experience gadgets like cardboard, dream, VR-box. in VR box it has VR Roller Coaster, VR Tunnel, VR Cave, Dino Theme Park resembles a Jurassic gallery, Meet Tyrannosaurus (T Rex) in the test system and other animals Simply utilize Cardboard, Daydream or any others. Brachiosaurus and Stegosaurus. Meet all dinosaurs in Tyrannosaurus (T-rex) test system. Pick your top choice from Spinosaurus or possibly Triceratops.

You can download from the link below.

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